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Monday, August 17, 2009

A little taste of GEORGIA!!!

Okay so I am here at my JBaby's house, trying to spend as much time as I can with him before I have to go back to school full time Wednesday...Yall I am in lecture three days a week and in the hospital for clinicals the other two days! I went for orientation for all us Nursing seniors Friday and found out that for the first 7 weeks clinical roation I am going to be at Peachford Psychiatric Clinic! I am really excited, it should definitely be interesting! ANywhoo, more on school later...

like I said, I am at J's house, and having nothing better to pass my time while he is at work (9-6) is to play around on his computer...and I discovered this little program that lets me record videos :) I am really excited!! haha so there will DEF be one coming soon, Probably even later today!

On to the ranting.....

So he came home during his lunch break, and I rode with him when he went back to work so I could drive his jeep back home :) (its thereapeutic, I swear! There is nothing better than the radio blasting, driving with no roof and no doors, hardcore i know) On our way out, we see THIS:


A little closer...


WHAT THE HELL!!! It's two goats, tied to a tree, wearing "for rent" signs.....I know I am fron Georgia, I say "yall" ...but I am, in NO way, shape, form, or fashion a "REDNECK"...I take pride being from the south, but I know class not trash! This right here...and the next few pictures to come just SCREAMS "I AM A HILLBILLY!!!"

What is this...the CLAMPETTS GO TO MAUI?!?

Notice the pink canopy hanging from the tree..Could it be to add romance and allure to the ABOVE GROUND POOL...or simply serve as a mosquito net?

This, my blogging dolls, is the house of Jbaby's TRAGIC nextdoor neighbors...


Seriously...have a little respect for your neighbors and CLEAN UP YOUR YARD!! I will pay to rent you a DUMPSTER to throw your trash away! On that note, we will throw it away for you!!! There trash is always blowing into his front yard...and we are cleaning it up on a daily basis because we appreciate taking care and making his house look presentable!! They are SOO aggrevating!

KENDALL, girl don't worry...not all of georgia looks like this!!! :)

Look for another post later today!

Much love,