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Friday, July 10, 2009

AbOUT Me!!!

Hey Yall! I have finally gotten to my first post! Things have been so hectic lately, but I am SO looking forward to start this blog! I decided that my first blog entry should be a little bit about myself, so yall can get to know me better :)
First off, my name is Katie, I go by K for short. I live in a suburb of Atlanta, and have lived here my wholeeee life. I am in a wonderful relationship (2+ years) with a perfect man whom I refer to as JBaby. I am in school full time, and due to some early acceptance and kicking my butt into high gear, I will be graduating a year early-May 2010 and will sit for boards to become an RN! However, although I love nursing, I have a passion for BEAUTY! In my spare time (HA!) I'm often found buying and testing new beauty products, doing friends' makeup for special events, and reading beauty blogs! Although I am an AVID reader and never thought I would venture out into blogging on my own, I have decided to realizing there are hardly any BLONDE bloggers! I love all of you dark haired beauties, but sometimes it is nice to see looks that accentuate us TOE-HEADS! haha During the summer months I am a water Safety Instructor for my own business-Suwanee Swims, which means I am in a highly chlorinated pool for hours and hours…so I’m constantly trying out more hair and skincare products for those reasons. Some of my fav blogs I have been checking out are:
Jaimie- An old friend who's blog kicked off my addiction to reading beauty blog
Katrina- a GORGEOUS blogger with an incredible flair for beauty with very intelligent and descriptive product reviews
Pink-Someone I am truly envious of...I just LOVE her confidence, talent, and overall BEAUTY!
I am a MAC NW30, and my favorite look would definitely be a smokey eye with nude lips.
I am really looking forward to chatting with you ladies and sharing my experiences with you!