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Monday, August 17, 2009

A little taste of GEORGIA!!!

Okay so I am here at my JBaby's house, trying to spend as much time as I can with him before I have to go back to school full time Wednesday...Yall I am in lecture three days a week and in the hospital for clinicals the other two days! I went for orientation for all us Nursing seniors Friday and found out that for the first 7 weeks clinical roation I am going to be at Peachford Psychiatric Clinic! I am really excited, it should definitely be interesting! ANywhoo, more on school later...

like I said, I am at J's house, and having nothing better to pass my time while he is at work (9-6) is to play around on his computer...and I discovered this little program that lets me record videos :) I am really excited!! haha so there will DEF be one coming soon, Probably even later today!

On to the ranting.....

So he came home during his lunch break, and I rode with him when he went back to work so I could drive his jeep back home :) (its thereapeutic, I swear! There is nothing better than the radio blasting, driving with no roof and no doors, hardcore i know) On our way out, we see THIS:


A little closer...


WHAT THE HELL!!! It's two goats, tied to a tree, wearing "for rent" signs.....I know I am fron Georgia, I say "yall" ...but I am, in NO way, shape, form, or fashion a "REDNECK"...I take pride being from the south, but I know class not trash! This right here...and the next few pictures to come just SCREAMS "I AM A HILLBILLY!!!"

What is this...the CLAMPETTS GO TO MAUI?!?

Notice the pink canopy hanging from the tree..Could it be to add romance and allure to the ABOVE GROUND POOL...or simply serve as a mosquito net?

This, my blogging dolls, is the house of Jbaby's TRAGIC nextdoor neighbors...


Seriously...have a little respect for your neighbors and CLEAN UP YOUR YARD!! I will pay to rent you a DUMPSTER to throw your trash away! On that note, we will throw it away for you!!! There trash is always blowing into his front yard...and we are cleaning it up on a daily basis because we appreciate taking care and making his house look presentable!! They are SOO aggrevating!

KENDALL, girl don't worry...not all of georgia looks like this!!! :)

Look for another post later today!

Much love,


Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ok yall thanks to my girl Kendall, I have been made aware that no one was able to comment on my blog!! But i THINK it's fixed now :) HOPEFULLY!!
I have a post in the works.... yayyyy should be up later this evening!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

In My Purse!!!

What’s in my purse??

Hey YALL! First off, I wanna apologize for my period of absence!! Although I’m not one for making excuses, I do have a good one!!! After this past spring semester of college, I ended up moving back home with my parents to save money during my last year of school…..buttt the catch 22 is that they are not yet in the 21st century…and have DIAL UP internet!! Ughhh so EVERYTHING online takes FOR FRICKING EVER!!! It’s more of a pain in the butt than anything…but here goes nothin :)

I wanted to do a quick post (that will take 45 min to upload to blogger LOL) about what is in my purse to help you dolls get a little more acquainted to me!
Here it is…today I carried this….i call it my never ending bag of vanity…it looks fair sized, but believe me, this thing is a whopper!!! It seriously can hold anything!!!

On the inside….look how deep this sucker is~!

I then dump everything out and spread it around on my bed…btw the zebra is my comforter

1. Matching giraffe checkbook, pink snap-closure wallet
2. Pink pen
3. Mini lady speed stick, travel size VS Love Spell (always want to smell pretty) J
4. Clinique mini on the go compact with mini mascara
5. GPS---don’t leave this in your car yall…it just screams STEAL ME!!
6. Garage door opener
7. Hand sani- brings out the nurse in me haha
8. Mmmm yummy philosophy lip gloss “Melon Daiquiri”, SH diamond strength
9. Pink rhinestoned double mirror compact
10. Change from today’s starbucks, check from house sitting
11. Crackberry curve with squishy white cover
12. Vs beauty rush lippie “mango madness”, burt’s bees lip simmer “guava”
13. Car keys
14. Mac studio fix NW30 biaaaaaaatch
15. Orbit mist gum

More up close pics for your viewing delight :)

Little checkbook and wallet

Mmmm philosophy—the more thick and sticky and sparkley of my purse lippies
lovespell, little compact, gps

gotta support the red cross!!!


OUTSIDE of the Clinique compact

In case you were wondering…I LURRRVE this dandy little compact…the mini mascara is great for the go, and the shadows are fab for creating a natural-nudy look while I drive hahahahaaaaaa

I am up to 5 followers now…yay J I would love to hear from you ladies! Please let me know how I am doing at this whole blogging thing…
I will be on to update about my weekend, show some FOTD’s, and maybe a review or two tomorrow! Much love,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hello lovlies :) I am up to a total of 3 followers! LOL!!! Gotta start somewhere right?! I appreciate yall so much! :) Anywho, Sorry I have been MIA lately...but I have SEVERAL new posts coming by Friday!! :) STAAAAY Tuned!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Covergirl LASH BLAST Volumizing Mascara Review!

Covergirl Lash Blast Volumizing Mascara Review

Price: $7.99

Purchased: Wal-Mart

4 Avaliable Colors: VeryBlack*, Black, Black-Brown, and Brown

Covergirl Says: "Get a blast of lush, volumized lashes! LashBlast's patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big lash look."

My verdict: LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!!! First off, the packaging is super cute. The bright orange, besides being one of my favorite colors (goooo gators!) is so bright and cheery, and I haven’t seen any other tube that color and it definitely stands out in a drawer full of black tubes for easy access =)

look at that orange and silver bullet shaped goodness :)


The shaft of the wand is short and stubby, which allows you to get super close to your lash line. The tip of the wand is so big and fat and chunky that it coats every single one of your lashes!

wand without mascara


wand coated with mascara

It looks great on my natural lashes, as well as on falsies. Seriously, I have never seen any other mascara wand anywhere near this one. See for yourselves!

Lashes with NOTHING….

After one coat…without curling! See how much it picks up my lashes!!!

Wearing ONLY covergirl LASHBLAST…2 coats, curled lashes after first coat (yes I know, this is NOT recommended, but I always seem to curl my lashes after putting on the first coat of mascara)

I love how it “picks up” your lashes, lifting them up to curl!!

One of my fav things is how it does not smudge…yet it EASILY comes off with just soap and water!! I am not a big fan of waterproof mascara…the oil in eye MU remover irritates my eyes, so I usually stick to non-waterproof-If any of you know of a great remover that is oil free, let me know!!!

All in All, I totally reccommend this product to anyone =)

I hope this was helpful, and I did okay for my first real post/review!!! Let me know!!

Question of the day: What is YOUR favorite mascara?

Much love,

AbOUT Me!!!

Hey Yall! I have finally gotten to my first post! Things have been so hectic lately, but I am SO looking forward to start this blog! I decided that my first blog entry should be a little bit about myself, so yall can get to know me better :)
First off, my name is Katie, I go by K for short. I live in a suburb of Atlanta, and have lived here my wholeeee life. I am in a wonderful relationship (2+ years) with a perfect man whom I refer to as JBaby. I am in school full time, and due to some early acceptance and kicking my butt into high gear, I will be graduating a year early-May 2010 and will sit for boards to become an RN! However, although I love nursing, I have a passion for BEAUTY! In my spare time (HA!) I'm often found buying and testing new beauty products, doing friends' makeup for special events, and reading beauty blogs! Although I am an AVID reader and never thought I would venture out into blogging on my own, I have decided to realizing there are hardly any BLONDE bloggers! I love all of you dark haired beauties, but sometimes it is nice to see looks that accentuate us TOE-HEADS! haha During the summer months I am a water Safety Instructor for my own business-Suwanee Swims, which means I am in a highly chlorinated pool for hours and hours…so I’m constantly trying out more hair and skincare products for those reasons. Some of my fav blogs I have been checking out are:
Jaimie- An old friend who's blog kicked off my addiction to reading beauty blog
Katrina- a GORGEOUS blogger with an incredible flair for beauty with very intelligent and descriptive product reviews
Pink-Someone I am truly envious of...I just LOVE her confidence, talent, and overall BEAUTY!
I am a MAC NW30, and my favorite look would definitely be a smokey eye with nude lips.
I am really looking forward to chatting with you ladies and sharing my experiences with you!